KhanaGhar Food Program

Thousands of people are getting benefited from the mission KhanaGhar started nine years ago. There are two main branches of KhanaGhar performing their duties in Khuda ki Basti and Korangi Derh and also there are four pick up points working in connection with the main branches in Noorani Basti Korangi, Umer Goth, Usman Goth and Shah-Nawaz Goth through which we are delivering food in these areas on regular basis. It is just the initial success of KhanaGhar and as our resources will increase we will further enhance our mission. We are moving along like a caravan in which few people are with us today but we need more generous people to join our hands to reach to our destination. You can also come forward and be a part of our mission to remove hunger.

Whether Donations are big or small, every one of us can make a difference to the life of our fellow brothers/sisters in the society. Let us join and make that difference. May Almighty God be pleased with everyone who strives in his path. Your generous donation will be a big stride in that effort

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Mission of Caring

One Ummah Foundation was founded in loving memory of Mustafa Saeed Rahman who died tragically 6 days before his 12th birthday. The Rahman family endowed the One Ummah Foundation, whose name means: "One People", with the knowledge that the best way to honor Mustafa would be through the work of helping children worldwide. During the first five years, One Ummah Foundation focused on improving educational infrastructure, including constructing new schools, refurbishing existing schools and providing needed materials for both new and existing schools (e.g. books, uniforms, food). During the previous two years, One Ummah Foundation has expanded the types of projects it funds.

In the future, One Ummah Foundation will deepen our relationship with the trusted contacts who ensure that donor funds are used efficiently and exclusively for the projects for which they are designated. We will continue to fund projects which increase the availability of education using a holistic approach which recognizes the importance of community’s economic and social development in educational accessibility and fulfillment.

Alkhair School System Documentary